TAG Project Cameron LNG 2

In November of 2014, we were was contacted by the executives at Cameron, LNG to help with the privacy of their conference rooms. The executives were very pleased with our work and contacted us once again to help with the creation of  new custom-crafted logos for their conference rooms and two glass doors. They sent the graphics over to our CEO, Sam Schillaci and we were able to create and design the logos exactly the way the client asked. He used bright blue, charcoal, and frosted window films to craft the logo on the glass while on site.

TAG Project Cameron LNG

You can read more about our previous work at Cameron, LNG at http://www.texasglasstint.com/cameronlng and you can learn more about our logo application at http://tintedadvertisinggraphics.com/window-graphics/commercial-window-logos-houston/