There are many benefits for having professionally installed window film in your home.  Windows open your home to natural lighting, warmth and outside views.  Unfortunately, they also open your home to high-energy cost, heat build-up, and excessive glare.

The primary benefit of having professionally installed window film in your home is that it lowers your energy bills.  The window film minimizes heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, which will save the homeowner money overtime.

Direct sunlight in the home can sometimes create a glare and make it difficult to see.  Professionally installed window film can reduce glare making it much easier to relax, watch television, or work on a computer.

Another reason to consider adding window film to your home is its security and safety feature. When a window that does not have a security film is broken, glass fragments are sprayed throughout the room risking personal injury. Windows with a security  film stay attached to the film when they are broken keeping the window sealed and more resistant to breakage from day to day bumps and bangs.

Privacy window tinting for homes can be added to windows to make areas private without sacrificing light. This film can be used in the bathroom, office, on kitchen cabinet doors, on glass door panels, or for windows that face the street.

If you would like to learn more about having professionally installed window film in your home, please take a look at our Texas Glass Tint Residential page. We also have pictures of our residential work in our Texas Glass Tint Residential Gallery